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Logo Design

What makes a good logo?

Logo Design Process:

First and foremost a good logo must show the business, service or product in the best possible light. At JWPrinting we take time to get to know our clients, their business, and their target market to create a mark that truly stands apart from the competition in a positive way.



Also, good logos are designed to work in black and white for forms and copies. We always provide multiple file types for our logo design clients. A well designed logo can be reduced for use on a business card or small advertisement with no loss of legibility or impact. This is an area where many designers of corporate identities fall short.

When it comes to logo design we consult with our client and ask a series of questions about the business, product, or service that the logo will represent. Then we design six marks for our client to evaluate. They can combine parts, adjust or tweak the marks, etc. Based on that feedback we design another updated set of marks for the customer to critique. After this round we generally have one or two logo designs that the client really likes and we create versions of those for a final selection round.


Once the final logo design has been selected, we provide our client with web and print versions of the logo in a wide variety of formats. We also provide a style sheet that indicated the font used and the Pantone colors selected for consistent color matches across all modern printing methods.

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